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The One Deciding On Behalf

Case HistoryThe TDB in a 1955 notification stated “In order to maintain the sanctity and dignity of this great temple and keep up the past traditions, it is hereby notified that Ayyappans who do not observe the usual vrithams are prohibited from entering the temple by stepping the Pathinettampadi and women between the ages of 10 and 55 are forbidden from entering the temple. The High Court had found that during the 20 years preceding 1991, women irrespective of age were allowed High Purity Titanium Billet factory to visit the temple. Ayyappa did not make the rules, the priestly class did.

Those who are against women’s Sabarimala entry claim that the majority of women do not wish to enter the shrine. I simply love that one! I’d like to throw this at Rahul Eashwar who in his numerous TV debates makes the word ‘feminist’ sound like a swear word.State force can no longer be used to prevent women from worshipping. In 2006 the matter reached the Supreme Court – and the rest is history. Today no one would dare to suggest that a woman be burnt on the pyre of her dead husband. What did he mean? That in typical patriarchal fashion he would be the one deciding on behalf of all females in his house? Or as a henpecked husband was he merely following his wife’s orders when there were no orders from the minister?

The SC judgment affects all women, not merely Padmakumar’s women, or Malayali women or even Indian women. In fact we’re all creatures of a patriarchal structure where religious discrimination reinforces social discrimination and vice versa. Until then lower castes were barred from temples. The Government can allot separate days for men and women to enter Sabarimala (an idea they seem to have considered and rejected). The Portuguese tried, the French tried and finally the British brought the 1829 ban. I’ve always envied Muslim males their special privileges, especially those of the triple talaq variety

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